How to Boost Results Using Promotional Products

Like many small business owners, you may discover that choosing business promotional products is quite a fun activity. There are important guidelines to follow, however, that will help boost the quality and number of prospects that are enticed by your marketing efforts.

Professionals who specialize in promotional products will often insist that any purchase be part of an orchestrated plan, with a clear purpose and message aimed at your target audience. Success is then measured by how well it meets your business’s goal with a prospect followup system, say, as part of a trade show or direct mail program.

Of course, the objective may be simple, for example, when a company gives away pens, branded with their business logo, to earn the repeat visibility while in their prospects’ hand, case or handbag.

Promotional Purpose

What are you hoping to communicate? Is it about a product, a limited time promotional offer, professional services, or a special event? Is there a call to action? Make sure you have a clear sense of what you specifically want to communicate before anything else.

Promotional Item Cost

Your business promotional products are an investment. How much are you willing to spend per unit? How much do you expect to get back? How can you measure this? While these questions are often difficult to answer, you should be thinking about your promotional costs and set a budget before making a purchase.

The Best Promotional Product

Deciding what is the best promotional product is subjective, and varies depending on your business and promotional purpose. You probably want the item to relate to your product or service, and be valuable to your prospects. In any case, you’ll want to keep the following two points in mind:


Will a tried and true coffee mug do the trick? Maybe you’ll want to put your logo on a flash memory drive or temporary tattoo? There are a plethora of promotional products in the market, sticking out may not be the best option for your business, but for some businesses it creates an impact and is more memorable, if it is also related to what they sell.

Shelf Life

How long do you want your message to last? You can put your logo on M&M’s candy, but it may not last long in your prospect’s memory after consumed! Do you need to create instant effect, or do you want to be a constant reminder on a desk or fridge perhaps? Your desired shelf life will help you select the best promotional item.

There are thousand of providers of promotional items, probably many in your local area. A smart way to start is asking other companies for experiences. Also, good promotional product sales representatives stays on top of the trends and unique items, often willing to make suggestions once they understand your business and goals.

The Benefits of Promotional Products

Custom promotional products printed or designed with your company’s logo, will help your business to be remembered and recognised by potential or future customers. Through the use of promotional merchandise marketing, your company can be advertised and introduced to huge numbers of potential customers at an incredibly low cost.

The nature of promotional merchandise means that you don’t need to spend massive amounts on advertising, since the promotional gifts you give to customers will do most of the legwork for you. Giving out promotional items will help to reflect your professionalism and generosity, further boosting the reputation of your company.

Let’s have a look at the numerous advantages:

1. Flexible – Promotional products can be utilised in a number of different ways, coming in many different forms, from uniforms and pens to note pads and t-shirts.

2. Cost-Effective – In terms of initial cost and overall return on investment, very few promotional tactics can match quality merchandising. To put it simply, it’s cheaper than regular advertising!

3. Long-lasting – Promotional products are typically longer lasting than magazine or television advertisements. Things like pens, diaries and similar items tend to last a while, meaning your advertising does as well.

4. Measurable – The impact and effectiveness of your campaign can be easily measured through the use of promotional items. You can fairly easily track spikes and dips in enquiries based on how and when you release your merchandise.

5. Higher perceived value – Since free promotional products make customers feel more important to your company, they are seen to have a higher perceived value than straight-up ads. This means that the costs of ordering the items are outweighed by the positive reputation you are fostering.

6. Perfect for targeted marketing campaigns – Promotional products can be customised to specific marketing campaign requirements.

7. Complements other advertising – Promotional products work perfectly alongside other forms of advertising, helping to raise awareness, increase response rates, and boost the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

8. Gives life to your brand – Promotional products provide a unique extension to your brand that essentially gives it ‘life’. Rather than being a logo or a name, you are a part of the consumer’s life in either a practical or entertaining way.

What to Keep in Mind
Before you dive into the deep end with promotional products, you need to consider what sorts of items will best complement your brand and your current promotional campaign. The more in sync the product is with these factors, the more effective it will be.

Role of Promotional Products Vendors In Your Business – How Can They Help You?

Promotional products are determined to give you thousands of ideas to strengthen your brand presence. It helps in improving the visibility level and will enable you to reach out to the citizens even in remote areas without any hassle. It is possible to earn reputation and loyalty. These products are generally used to spread out the awareness and marketing message of your company. Every company is very much interested to use these products as a part of their marketing strategies. These promotional items are even termed as corporate gift items and can be used during tradeshow events, marketing events, promotional shows etc. These can be a part of novelty advertising and can be given away to the employees as a part of business rewards and recognition process. It is very important to use creative promotional products to uplift the face of your business.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Vendor:

• There are certain factors to be considered while choosing the vendors to buy your promotional products.

• The vendor should have a wide spectrum of products that will suit the business requirements of the businesses.

• They should help the business owners in choosing the right kind of promotional products which will earn better profits.

• They should understand the market scenarios and the products that are in great demand or fast moving among consumers. This will help them to suggest the best of products by the business owners.

• The vendors should offer maximum discounts and offers on bulk orders.

• The vendors should offer customization services to the enterprise owners which will help them to come up with a perfect end product.

• The vendors should offer excellent support services to the business owners and should be in a position to get in touch round the clock.

• The vendors should have an excellent track record in doing this business.

Most of the business men will have a dedicated marketing team who will be responsible to select the right kind of products. However, the vendors can also get in touch with these marketing teams and help them in choosing the best of products that will add value to their services. They should have an extensive product catalog at reasonable rates. There should be different ways of customization services offered such as printing the company name and logo through embroidery, engraving, laser engraving etc.

what are the products to be selected?

There are wide varieties of products available in the market such as key chains, mouse pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats etc. It is very important to select the products based on their lifetime. A long lasting product will carry forward your company’s name and tagline by which the reach will be better. It will often create a better impact on the minds of the consumers. Promotional products and promotional items can be extensively used as a part of your advertising services to reap better profits on your investments.

How to Promote Safety With Promotional Products

Safety programs at schools, workplaces, and factories are an essential part of maintaining the health and safety of students, and employees. After all, safety is of paramount importance in practically all spheres of life. As responsible company, school, or brand, promoting safety is one of the more important activities you will undertake in any given year. And to do it well, safety related promotional products are a wonderful multipurpose tool.

After all, it’s a known fact that promotional products are a great advertising medium, with superior reach and longevity when compared to the more traditional methods of outreach. They build a greater brand recognition and recall, and keep your logo in the public eye for longer. Given their superb visibility, it is not surprising that they would also be a great way to help protect and safeguard your workforce, students, or the community in general. Safety drives that are augmented by safety related promotional products are much more likely to get the message across, and to reinforce it with every use.

These useful, and thoughtful, safety-related promotional products, such as the ones available from Safety Products help you ensure that the message of workplace or school safety doesn’t just go away as soon as the safety training ends. Think about all the ways in which your personalized safety products will ensure an instant recall of the training event, as well as your brand. From school yard giveaways to remind kids about safety practices in the classroom as well as at home, to company handouts to employees and clients to reinforce the message of safety on the job site, these promotional products are sure to get your message and your brand into the right public sphere.

Safety related promotional products enable you to strengthen your message, while advertising your product or service at the same time. Promotional products related to safety, ranging from stickers and decals to hard hats, vests, and flashlights, are ideal tools to promote the concept of safety at schools, the workplace, offices, or homes. Whether it is preventing injuries and accidents in schools, or safety training for your employees to prevent accident on the job site or factory floor, promotional items that remind people of safety rules are sure to help you get the message across.

And the greatest upshot of all this is that while you reinforce the positive and responsible message of safety practices,you are also enhancing your brand. Being seen as the responsible entity that you are is always a plus, not to mention all the benefits that you get from the superior advertising that products bring to you. Study after study has shown that the repeated exposure guaranteed by giveaway promotions has a much better conversion rate than one off measures like print, TV, or radio ads. An attractive and useful item given as a promotional gift can be the best tool to reinforce not just your safety message but also your brand, logo, products, and services! Check out the range at Action Printing Inc.