Marketing Your Services And Products With The Help Of A Promotional Products Supplier

Advertising on television and on the internet is not enough to promote your new products and services. The best thing to do is to look for a promotional products supplier who can provide you with items you can give away to potential customers in order to lure them in and purchase your products and hire your services. They can provide you with several kinds of promotional products that would not only promote your new merchandise but would also promote your company name and manufacturer. Here are a few items a promotional products supplier can recommend.

Tool kits– It’s a fact that car enthusiasts and car owners tinker with their automobiles at one point or another. Promotional products supplier can recommend a certain car parts manufacturer or company to promote their services and newly introduced products by giving away tools or tool kits as promotional items. This would be very useful for automobile and motorcycle aficionados out there. Such tool kits come in a hard plastic case with several features built in like a rechargeable flashlight and screwdrivers and pliers. It would come in handy should they need to do quick repairs while on the road.

Coffee mugs – One of the more popular promotional item used by certain companies and businesses to promote their new services and merchandise given away to clients and long time customers as a gift. The promotional products supplier will highly recommend this item as a give-away trinket for potential clients and customers. Remember to print the name of the item or service you are promoting as well as the contact details. People love to have these coffee mugs to use either when they are at work or when they are having breakfast at home.

Bags – Promotional products suppliers also recommend using different kinds of bags as a promotional item. Bags are extremely useful not only for traveling but also when you are to store certain items while on the go. There are different kinds of bags with different uses, for those who travel there are bags which can accommodate many clothes and other items, for those who want to have small bags there are sling bags and hand bags to place your valuables in when you are on the go. There are also those which are made with safety features for trekkers and mountaineers to support their backs should they fall.

Pens – Probably the most popular promotional item used to advertise a certain product or company is the pen. A promotional products supplier can recommend this for those interested in marketing their products and services to many people. It’s a perfect item to use because it is easy to carry, is used almost on a daily basis and can be stored anywhere. You can even order customized or hand crafted pens to hand out to special clients or customers. Such pens are unique and would only be made several at a time thus making them special and valuable to collectors.

Starting A Promotional Products Distribution Business

Many different businesses and companies require a promotional products distributor to help them their company or business advertising and promotions. These establishments are more likely newcomers to the business or corporate world thus they need to be recognized by the consumers, customers and clients on what services or products they can offer the people. This move allows them to further introduce their products and services to the people thus making them better known to every consumer. Should a person want to set up their own promotional products distribution business then they should remember a couple of things, so just read through some of them below.

Starting Small – Every business out there started out small so should you if you wish to make it big in the promotional products business. Start by ordering in several items that businesses and companies often use as promotional material, this way you can easily provide them with the necessary items they require should they order from you. You can also use several of your items as promotional materials to hand out to potential clients and customers to introduce them to your business and if they need anything they have a way to contact you.

Accumulating Clients and Customers – Remember that in order for your promotional products business to grow you need to gather as much clients and customers that you can handle. Remember to never overstep your boundaries and only limit your client and customer list to a level that you can still manage them. Best way of getting the clients and customers you will need is to set up a meeting with businesses and companies in need of promotional items and pitch in the products you have on hand which are considered as popular items for promoting their establishment.

Setting Up Shop – The best location for a promotional products supplier business to set up shop is in a location that is easily accessible to their clients and their customers. They also need to make sure that their establishment can hold large quantities of the products they are selling in order for them to easily access it and to provide their customers and clients with a constant supply. Remember to only order more items if the quantity of the current set of item is low, never order stocks in advance to avoid your items from being left in your warehouse for too long causing it to either not work for mechanical products and or rusting for items made out of metal.

Online Advertising – Perhaps the most well known place to advertise you promotional products business is online. In the internet people trade and buy things every day, you can place orders there, pay for the items online and even check your bank account details online. This is a perfect place to gather clients not only near your location but also overseas. In the event they have fancied a certain promotional item which is only available to you then you can simply have it delivered to them when they purchase it.

The Proven Benefits of Promotional Products As a Marketing Tool

Most advertising is based on repetition. No one listens to a single advertisement on TV, radio or even in print like newspapers and magazines. Business advertising is most effective when it is repeated and the same message is delivered to the target audience until it becomes subliminal. Sex sells. Humor sells. Drama sells. Endorsements sell. That is why almost all ads are created in one of those four formats. The message is usually that a product is better, will make you rich, thin or save you money. Promotional products do it more efficiently by providing your customers with something that they want and will use while constantly delivering your message.

Regardless of the size of your business, there is a promotional product that is just right for your message at an affordable price. Promotional products are a $19 billion dollar industry made up of thousands of economical items.

Every time your business gives away a pen, highlighter, USB flash drive, sports bottle, drinkware, tote bag, reusable sack, back pack or similar product it will be actively used; not just once, but over and over again. Each time it is used, your message is delivered right where you want it. This is known as cost per impression – how many times your logo or message will be seen for the same investment dollar. Promotional products are far and away the undefeated sales champion by this measurement. For a low, factory direct price, you can have your logo or message imprinted, engraved or silk screened on the product of your choice. That product will generate awareness of your business, build customer loyalty and create new sales. In today’s economy, it’s the one true business building method that everyone can afford.

Whether you are a new business trying to reach and build a customer base, or an established company introducing a new line or product, connect with your customers or just want to entice new sales, promotional products are the best media. Flyers, direct mail, newspapers and other print are hit and miss tools. Usually, they wind up in the garbage without making their point. Email blasts wind up in the spam bucket. Promotional products are active, usable carriers which are appreciated, not discarded as soon as possible.

Promotional products are an investment in your business and in your future. Whether it be promotional drinkware, custom USB drives, or imprinted tote bags, these items have been proven to be the most cost-effective way to get your message out to the masses. The right promotional product couple with the right target market can be a huge driver to sales. Marketing is all about keeping your company at the top of the consumer’s mind, which promotional products do each and every time they are used.

5 Critical Factors in Choosing the Correct Promotional Product for Your Next Advertising Campaign

In this day and age, business marketing is one of the key determining factors for business success. So how can you use promotional products to differentiate your brand from your competitors? There are so many different options when it comes to promotional items that sometimes it can be hard to decide which way to go. Having a good promotional product strategy is always the key. So in the below points we will discuss the factors that need to be considered when selecting the correct product for your next campaign and how to tailor a distribution strategy that will equal success:

1. Market – Always determine who you will be targeting with the promotional items and corporate gifts. For example if you are a University and wanting to give something away at an open day, you would opt for products that are appealing to University students. Things that they can use like branded stationery, laptop bags or promotional USB’s could be a great start. On the other hand giving a University student a branded coffee mug or tape measure might not be as fitting. You will want to choose a product that will be useful and be of a high perceived value by the target market.

2. Print colours – Many people have a hard time deciding how many colours should be printed on a particular item. Choosing how many colours to print depends on the product, budget and in many cases a company’s logo specification guide. Always bear in mind that printing more than 1 colour will usually cost more on items to be screen printed or pad printed. The reason for this is because the set-up of the printing screen or pad and the mixing of your PMS colours is quite labour intensive. A good promotional product supplier will discuss this with you and make recommendations based on what you’re trying to achieve.

3. Budget and quantity required – In many cases there will be a budget restraint when selecting the correct promotional product. It is always best to estimate how many people will need to be targeted and then work out what budget per item you can afford. This will help in the selection process by eliminating products that are too expensive per unit.

4. Critical date – Promotional products and corporate gifts can be produced locally or offshore. The main difference is when producing the products locally you can expect lead times of around 2-4 weeks dependent on the supplier. When producing products in offshore factories, lead times can blow out to 5-12 weeks due to sea or air freight. If you have a critical date of 1 month or less, it’s always safest to get products produced locally. This way there is no risk of customs or freight company delays.

5. Choosing the correct supplier – There are many suppliers that will get similar products for you. Some quick determining factors that we will cover in another article are: Is the price competitive? Do they have good customer service skills? What is their reputation in the industry?

In summary, always take into consideration the above mentioned factors when selecting your promotional products and suppliers. These factors are also relevant for when selecting a corporate gift or promotional clothing.

Use these tips when you’re next selecting a product for a marketing campaign and be sure it will be a huge success!