Use Promotional Products To Your Advantage

The state of the economy has forced a number of businesses to drastically reduce their marketing budgets. As a result, personalised promotional products are filling the void and helping to maintain business’ marketing efforts without the high cost. These products include merchandise items, corporate gifts, or any other product that your logo can be printed on.

Why use promotional products?
It’s a well known fact that both current and potential clients love receiving promotional items. It’s a pleasant and generous way to boost awareness of your brand without the drawbacks of aggressive advertising campaigns. Moreover, a practical item, such as a drink bottle, is something that people find useful and can use over a long period of time. This provides your business with benefits in the form of brand recognition and visibility.

Pick the right product
With so many options available to you, one could be forgiven for choosing the first potential promotional item they spot. This is all well and good, but it is best to be a bit wiser with your choice. The more relevant your promotional product is to your target customers, the more it will grow your brand. For example, a gym could use drink bottles as people use them when working out, and a book store could use book marks because people use them when reading.

Trade shows
Promotional products are well suited for trade shows and expos, generating interest around your booth. The benefit of handing out these products is that they can maximise interest in your brand. Rulers, pens, bags, etc, all with your logo imprinted on them, can keep your company’s name out in the public eye for everyone to see.

Other events
Of course, trade shows aren’t the only place you can utilise promotional products. You could give them out at presentations with new clients, or give them away at parties or awards ceremonies. Regardless of the occasion, everyone loves receiving gifts. The launching of a new product can be a fantastic opportunity to give samples to prospective customers. These products, however, should not just be limited to your customers. If your employees achieve certain goals, it’s nice to reward them with things as well. This helps to encourage teamwork and company loyalty.

Who to Look For
Many businesses are interested in offering promotional products to clients as acts of gratitude and market building. However, many are wary of the costs involved in this promotional activity and there is little knowledge readily available for those looking for companies that specialise in offering personalised accessories.

Ordering your products through a reputable provider should be your priority.

The Benefits of Giving Away Custom Promotional Products

The different custom promotional products imprinted with your company’s logo can help your business to be recognized and remembered by your prospective customers. By using these promotional items for your marketing purposes, your company can be introduced and advertised to countless of your potential customers at inexpensive price. Using several inexpensive products you can simply avoid putting huge money on advertising in different forms of media. The promotional gifts which you give away to your potential or existing clients will save lots of legwork for you. Also, giving them the custom made promotional products showcases your generosity and professionalism, which further boost your company’s reputation in the market. Besides, you can enjoy several benefits of using this idea. Let’s have a look at these advantages.

1. It gives a long lasting result: These products give a long lasting result as compared to other methods like magazines or TV commercials. The different things like pens, note pads, diaries, T-shirt could last long, which means that the advertising goes for long.

2. It is a cost effective method: When you look at this option in terms of cost and the overall ROI (return of investment), there are few promotional strategies which can match up the quality merchandising. In other words, it proves out to be a cheaper option than the traditional adverting method.

3. It is easily measurable: The impression and effectiveness of your promotion campaign could be easily measured via using different custom promotional products. You can very easily monitor dips and spikes in different inquiries thus allowing you to understand the duration in which the merchandise should be released.

4. It gives a new life to your business brand: The custom promotional products can help your brand to get a different and unique extension which means it gets a new life. In this way, your name or logo doesn’t remain on paper but become part and parcel of your customer’s life in the most practical and engaging method.

5. It gives you lots of flexibility: The promotional products can be used in several ways. Hence you have countless of options or flexibility of selecting any product as promotional gifts. Right from using pens, T-shirts, note pads, etc. You can any product as a custom promotional gift.

6. It comes with higher perceived value: As the free custom promotional products make your customers feel more important to your company, they come up with high level of perceived value as compared to the straight up ads. This simply means that the costs of these products are fairly less as compared to the positive reputation it fosters among your current or prospective customers.

7. It complements your other forms of advertising: With these promotional products you can work along with other forms of advertising. This helps in creating awareness, increasing the response rates, and shaping up your marketing campaign in a most effective way.

So, before you consider any item as your custom promotional product, you need to choose the one which can actually complement your brand and your current promotional campaign the best. There are several online stores which gives you good deals over promotional products.

The Promotional Products Used As a Giveaway

In a business world where more seems to be less, here’s a simple and easy way to attract more customers and prospects. The economy being what it is, it just makes a lot of sense to advertise your brand and reach out to more and more customers and prospects through fun and innovative promotional products.

Promotional products are a fun way to get your name out there, and keep it in the public view. A well planned corporate gift item, for instance, would increase the visibility of your name and brand among executives, while simpler items like pens are great for giving away at trade shows and from your outlets or offices. As most business owners know, these promotional gifts really work! Study after industry study has shown that promotional giveaways are an economical and effective form of advertising.

Not only are they remarkably more cost effective than print ads or radio/TV spots, but they have a much longer life. Promotional products in the form of pens, key tags, t-shirts, paperweights, and what have you, are going to be around for a long time in the home and the office of the person who gets them. What this means for the businesses they advertise is a much longer life as reminders and visible presences of the company’s logo and name. This is great long term brand exposure for the organization!

Customized and useful promotional giveaway products can be made or acquired in a range of pocket friendly budgets giving you the best option for a memorable display of your brand logo and name. The best giveaway items are the ones that are practical and functional gifts that ensures maximum visibility because the recipients enjoy using them. Realistically, every time the person reaches for the item, or uses it, your brand gets superior exposure not just with them, but with anyone in their vicinity. The recipient as well as anyone around them will see your custom message and brand name/logo displayed, creating more awareness of your products and services. More than one study has demonstrated the effectiveness of promotional giveaways in improving overall customer perception with regard to the advertiser, which means a much more enhanced brand image for you.

Just remember, when selecting a promotional giveaway item, think creative. To make the most cost effective choice, select an interesting and useful item and combine it with an interesting message that matches your advertising goals. With a creatively selected item, you can reach thousands of people within your target segment and area, while neutralizing any cost limitations you might be under. Combining giveaways with mail campaigns also works magic for the brand, because most recipients of mail promotions don’t expecting to receive any products. Finding something useful, entertaining, or even funny can come as a pleasant surprise, making huge impact on your target audience without you having to incur huge expense.

Trust the team at Action Printing Inc to use their expertise and experience in the promotional products field to find you the perfect promotional giveaway item. With their superior knowledge of such items, the team will help you to find the best and most cost effective promotional giveaways that will work wonders for your business. Fun, creative, and inventive giveaway products are waiting for you to help promote your brands and causes. We combine a wide choice of promotional products with an unparalleled effectiveness of service. So, don’t wait! Get your perfect promotional giveaway product now!

7 Promotional Products Every Business Needs to Attract Customers

Let’s face it; consumers today are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages from virtually every angle. From billboards to television, print media, radio, and the internet, people are constantly flooded with ads. As a result, consumers have learned to tune out just about all of it. It’s tough for a business to break through all of the advertising clutter in a way that gets the consumers attention and gets their advertising message across to potential buyers. The following seven promotional products are an effective way to do just that.

The aim of any promotion is to increase consumers’ interest in your business. Your business card should be an extension of this philosophy and incorporated into the promotional strategy. Business card magnets and marketing magnets make this goal possible. Give a business card magnet to your business contacts and a marketing magnet to potential customers. The magnet will be hung on the nearest refrigerator, desk or filing cabinet, not dropped in a drawer to be forgotten like many other promotional brochures or flyers. People perceive magnets as a special, useful gift. The value of using business magnets results in your contact information being kept and viewed countless times after the initial interaction.

Utilizing a can coolie as a promotional product is a great way to create a springtime marketing buzz. It is the most effective promotional item you can buy in the hot summer months. The koozie is always a hit at any golf course, barbecue, sporting event, or trip to the beach. Why not play into this and gain priceless public exposure? Since so many people love and use coolies, your custom designed can coolie will be shown off all summer long, resulting in maximum exposure for your company. Giving your potential customer a can coolie is giving them a useful gift, meaning your brand will be thought of in a good light. A custom designed coolie is the most effective promotional item for the spring and summer.

Everyone uses cups. Stadium cups are a practical solution for your beverage holding needs at any launch event, gathering, or tradeshow. The stadium cup is a practical promotional product, they get used daily. The good thing about personalized cup and mugs is they make a great souvenir, meaning consumers keep your branded stadium cups. The plastic cups are especially popular in households with children. Plastic cups are used in a variety of ways, for their common use of drinking, as well as impromptu storage for small toys, crayons, pencils, markers, as well as snacks for children.

Create a memorable promotion with branded seat cushions. Seat cushions are seen at most sporting events, whether it be little league, high school, and even professional sporting events, there is something about a cold, or sizzling hot, depending on the temperature, aluminum bench that just does not sound appealing for the next three hours. By giving your consumers a branded foam seat cushion, they will carry it to every sporting event they attended. This means that your company will receive maximum exposure and create good will with consumers. A seat cushion is an effective promotional tool all year round. No matter what the sport, the cushion will get used and your logo will be displayed for other fans to see.

Thunderstix are a hugely popular spirit item used at many sporting events. The inflatable sticks create quite the bang. Thunder sticks are a great way to sponsor an athletic event or any other kind of event where a buzz needs to be created. The promotional noise makers have a large imprint area in which your brand information and logo will be displayed for all to see.

Answer the everlasting paper or plastic question with reusable, imprinted grocery totes. The grocery tote promotes your business and brand as well as your eco-conscious attitude. As society becomes more and more environmentally conscious, consumers are looking for solutions. Why not give your consumer a reason to stop searching and use your branded grocery tote. While grocery totes are often used to promote grocery stores themselves, they can also be used as promotional merchandise by any company of any industry. The advertising a company will receive from recipients’ future use of their custom reusable grocery bags will far outweigh the initial cost of purchasing them.

Promotional products have a wide variety of benefits for businesses including increased sales, increased product referrals, improved customer image as well as continual advertisement for the company. The most important thing to remember when selecting a promotional item, make it useful to the consumer otherwise your message will not reach your audience. Promotional products are a great way to break through the advertising clutter and create name recognition and good will with your potential customers.